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Academic Learning Center

Damien offers all of our students additional support in order to ensure success in their academic pursuits.
Support Team Educational Plan
The Support Team Educational Plan (STEP) Program is a collaborative process that brings together students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators to help students who have a documented learning and/or attention difference find academic success. For students who have a documented need, the STEP Program offers tailored minor adjustments to meet the needs of each individual student.

Minor adjustments can include:
      • Extra time on tests, quizzes, and/or homework.
      • Testing in a reduced-distraction setting.
      • Oral testing.
      • Preferential classroom seating.
      • Flexible seating.
      • Extended time on final exams in the Academic Learning Center.
      • Application assistance & proctoring for extra time on the ACT/College Board exams.
      • Use of a calculator on exams.
      • Copies of notes or presentations.
The ALC also contains a variety of resources to meet student needs both while in the ALC and within their individual classes.
Resources available include:
      • Six study carrels that offer a distraction free testing environment.
      • Long tables for room to spread out and work.
      • Resistance bands, stress balls, and balance discs for students who have challenges with concentration.
      • Color overlays for students who struggle with light sensitivity.
      • Bean bags for flexible seating.
Hours of Operation
The Academic Learning Center operation hours coincides with the weekly school schedule.
Normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
During end of the semester exams, hours will vary. Operation hours will be posted a week prior to the first exam.
Jackie Leonetti, STEP Coordinator |
909.596.1946 ext. 801
[email protected]

Vicki Sinclair, STEP Coordinator |
909.596.1946 ext. 650